Join us to find out how the metaverse can
take your brand to the next level 

With the metaverse, brands can pave the way for growth, awareness, and differentiation from competitors. In our workshops, we will open the door to this new territory and give you a guided tour of some virtual environments, including Horizon Worlds and our own custom-made UNLIMITED space.

Early movers in the metaverse will get the spoils in the shape of brand affinity, innovative digital experiences, and the opportunity to reach new customers. Here’s what else you stand to gain from our sessions: 

Discover how the virtual worlds create a connected, shared space.

Receive a practical demonstration of how to use the hardware.

Ask our experts any questions, no matter what stage of exploring the metaverse your brand is at.

At Splendid UNLIMITED, we have a deep understanding of the space and what it can offer brands and their clients. We’re up-to-date on the latest trends and developments. The metaverse is only going to keep growing, so now’s the time to leverage its power and potential. 

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